How Influencers marketing via Twitter can skyrocket your brand!!

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Do you know, Twitter is a gold mine of customer insights and opportunities to build your brand, drive sales and win fans. It’s a wonderful tool for attaining your marketing objectives.

With over 229 million active daily users, Twitter is the fifth most popular social media network, and it should be a key component of any marketing strategy. Twitter began as a text-based platform for users to share 140-character thoughts, quotes, and other information, but it has now evolved into a multimedia powerhouse. Influencers frequently use photographs, videos, and hashtags, as well as interactive media like polls and surveys, to encourage the general audience on Twitter to purchase the goods and services that they use. As a result, we can describe it as a collaboration between a brand and an influencer. Only 65 percent of firms are now advertising on this platform, giving them plenty of time to get a head start before the rest of the enterprises arrive and set up shop. 

Twitter Marketing

Blow Up your Business using Twitter: Influencer edition

Influencers have been making waves in the social media marketing industry over the past couple of years. And it has played a crucial role in many influencer marketing campaigns. 

According to a recent study conducted by Twitter Analytics, partnering with the right Twitter celebrities can help brands increase the customers’ purchase intent by up to 88%.

In a nutshell, here’s how twitter influencer marketing works: 

1. Brand connect with influencers:

The first step to interacting with them is by replying to their tweets. They are going to get tons of likes on their tweets so you need to take the bold step of responding to them if you want to be noticed. But don’t reply to just any tweet from them. Instead, look for relevant opportunities such as when they have achieved something or are asking a question.

2. They create amazing content about brand

Being an influencer comes with a creative mind. They create amazing content for your brand which in turn gives the customer the cue to know more about your brand or specific product which can give you competitive advantage. Most of the brands are targeting instagram and facebook for promotion but you will be one step forward and will get a more targeted audience by using this media. 

3.  Influencers audience discovers the brand

They already have a good customer base and when they will share their view about your brand then the audience will discover your brand which can give your product  awareness  and help your brand to get recognition.  

4.  Influencer’s audience becomes your new customers

When someone looks at a product promoted in a relatable manner they not only get awarded but also get attracted to buy it and it gives you more sales. 

So, Is there any reason for not choosing Twitter? 

We can not think of any, because: 

  • Reason1: It is a fastest growing social media
  • Reason2: Twitter Influencers Have Their Own Loyal Fanbase
  • Reason3: Helps Boost Sales & Brand Awareness because of ‘Trending’
  • Reason4: Great tool for Market research
  • Reason5: Numerous third-party tools which support Twitter
  • Reason6: Quick analytics and easy monitoring for brands vs. competition
  • Reason7: Easy to adapt and easy to use
  • Reason8:  A great customer service tool
  • Reason9 : Viral ability can be leveraged to the maximum
  • Reason10: Twitter Timeline Focused communication as it’s defined within 140 characters
  • Reason11: A Real time news

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Blog researched and written by : Bhavika Udhwani & Pragna Patel

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