• The promotion of the show for as wide an audience as possible was our main goal for this campaign. Various social media platforms were used by us. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram because it has developed into the ideal setting for development.

  • We intend to use influencer marketing to promote the series because it is now the most Prominent and Useful form of advertising.

  • By using influencers with a certain level of reliability or clout among the target audience, we create buzz in the audience. Consequently, building a strong bond between the brand and the intended audience was another important goal.

  • Instagram and Twitter are publishing platforms by nature. Our content creation goals are designed to promote reposting. However, we also want to make sure that our content is strong enough to stand on its own, so we only use hashtags when we believe they are appropriate.

  • Our addressing goal is pretty obvious. We know who to target in the entertainment industry to reach the huge audience, and our goal was not to confine ourselves to a single type of material! We produced text, photo, and video content in an effort to make it as viral and sticky as possible.

Introduction: Dahan

  • Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya of Vikrant Pawar is a nine-episode series that was written by Nisarg Mehta, Shiva Bajpai, and Nikhil Nair. When Vikrant was given the opportunity to show his abilities on such a large project, it was a significant opportunity. They demonstrate their abilities and pass with scores that are greater than standard anywhere.

  • This series is worthwhile to watch because of the effective writer and director pairing. You are unable to determine the spoiler until the very end. The final surprise that the creators provide likewise appears fantastic.

  • The action-packed narrative starts in the Rajasthani village of Shilaspura. Tisca Chopra plays an IAS official who fights hypocrisy and superstition in the village. She is a courageous and honourable cop who has been given a significant case in the community.

  • The personality of Saurabh Shukla is also highly alluring. He is acting as Swaroop Purohit at the moment. The residents of this village claim that Mayavi cursed their community many years ago. His soul remains confined. According to legend, he won’t leave anyone if his soul departs the rock. Mayavi will bleed to death.

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Verified Tweets #DahanOnHotstar

Verified Tweets #DahanOnHotstar

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Over the trend #DahanOnHotstar

Dahan is trending on number 1 over the weeks

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Over the trend #DahanOnHotstar

Dahan is trending on number 1 over the weeks

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